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Custom T-shirt Printing

Custom T-shirt Printing

We bring your digital ideas to life – and that individual. At Yes We Print you can use our Custom T-shirt Printing service with your own designs, logos, pictures or slogans. In a short time, you can print your own custom apparel, for example for a birthday party T-shirts. Or for your band, or your club.

Our T-shirts are perfectly printed, and you can choose your Custom T-shirt printing in different colors and sizes from us. The combination options are seemingly limitless and if you want to design your own t-shirt online and print your T-shirt, then you can let your imagination run free with our T-Shirt Maker. T-shirts from the shirt lab are always an individual accessory and a perfect garment – whether for women, men or children.

  • Outstanding print quality – our custom t-shirt printing is always in the best qualityT-shirt Printing
  • Men’s, women’s and children’s shirts in many different colors and sizes – just choose it yourself
  • Resistant fabrics with long durability
  • High-quality materials

But how can you design and print your T-shirt yourself? Well! Design your shirts online with the design studio. You can now try as a designer and let design and print your own T-shirt with our T-shirt designer. In simple steps, we explain to you how you can create and print your t-shirts.

Yes We Print offers the possibility of choosing a different kind of printing like screen printing, DTG printing,  heat press as well as embroidering on t-shirts. If you wish to make custom t-shirts first we have to start with the shirts’ brand, style, cut, material, color etc.

  • Brand – We’re offering tons of t-shirt options starting very cheap shirts up to top brands like Next Level, American Apparel, Bella Canvas, etc. If you have a specific brand or style in mind you can request upon placing an order and we’ll put your artwork onto that specific brand shirts.
  • Style – t-shirts might be crew neck, V neck, fitted, regular, loosen, with/without pocket, longer, rounded bottom, heavy/lightweight, etc.
  • Material – on custom t-shirt printing the most commonly used materials are 100% cotton, 50%cotton+50%polyester, tri-blend, 100% polyester (sport style)
  • Cut – t-shirts have different cuts like men, women, youth, kid, etc. And t-shirt design has to match their cut because they are in different sizes and when you request the same design to be on different cuts they have setup accordingly
  • Color – each brand has its own color chart that you can select from. On custom t-shirts, correct color match with garment and artwork is very important when you make your own shirt. Printing on dark color t-shirts they usually use white base first.

But how can you design and print your T-shirt yourself? Well! Design your shirts online with the design studio. You can now try as a designer and let design and print your own T-shirt with our T-shirt designer. In simple steps, we explain to you how you can create and print your t-shirts.



In the top left corner of the designer, you will find four buttons that will help you design your own T-shirt. We’ve named them “Choose Products,” “Add Art,” “Add Texts,” and “Upload Image.” First, go to the “Products” button. Here you can choose your own T-shirt. The search function helps you to break down the individual categories. Would you like to create a t-shirt print for men or should it be a t-shirt for women? We also have shirts for children in our assortment.


If you have chosen the desired T-shirt in the designer (size, color, etc.), then you can make your own design. Everything according to your own ideas. Do you want to use a design from our gallery, attach a text of your choice or upload your own artwork? If you want to use our gallery, just click on the button “Add art”. Here you will be presented with a variety of great arts. Now simply select the desired T-shirt print. If you want to design a t-shirt yourself online, of course, you would like to see it in the preview. Our configurator responds immediately to your choice and connects the artwork directly with the T-shirt. You can now bring the picture yourself in the right shape and determine the exact place. Here are the four buttons, which are located at the corners of the picture.


If you are in a rush and look for same day t-shirt printing in Los Angeles. We are here your local print shop in downtown Los Angeles. Just make a call to us and we will do our best print your t-shirts on the same day. If you want to design your shirts yourself and print them with a personal text, then go to the “Add Text” button. Now opens a field in which you can enter your text. You can also change the font, color, and size. Even with the positioning, you will be given a free hand. This is how the personal touch of a T-shirt is created.


With our same day custom t-shirt printing, you can, of course, attach a picture from your personal artwork gallery to your t-shirt. Click on the button “upload image”. Now you just must select the file you want, and the artwork will appear in the T-Shirt Maker. Of course, you can also make individual changes here. Ideally, your image should be in a PNG file. This has the advantage over a JPG file (digital photos) that your template can be printed in any shape: as a circle, oval or free form. Especially with symbols or icons, a PNG file is of great advantage because they are then free on the ground. Once you designed your desired t-shirt click to ‘’Buy now” button below right and place the order.


You can purchase a variety of apparel products in different designs. Yes We Print custom t-shirt printing introduces men and women shirts of all kinds and also children and babies can be equipped. Choose from the following categories:

  • T-shirts: You can choose from several colors and fits. Whether premium shirt, organic T-shirt, crew neck or V-neck, vintage or retro style, slim fit, long shirt or loose fit. Yes We Print has something for everyone.
  • Polo shirts: Customize the classic polo shirt! Again, you can choose between a slim and classic cut.
  • Sportswear: Whether breathable T-shirt or football jersey. Your sporty high performance stands with these practical and chic shirts nothing in the way!
  • Workwear: Whether sporty or elegant: At Yes We Print you are guaranteed to find the right item for your daily work or company event.
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Custom T-shirt PrintingSweaters & Hoodies
  • Jackets & Vests
  • Tops
  • pants
  • underwear
  • Organic
  • Baby bodysuits
  • Scarves
  • pillowcases
  • Bags & Backpacks
  • Tote Bags

As mentioned above in addition to the custom t-shirt printing you can choose from a wide range of other textiles for printing. Discover great photo towels that give your bathroom a very personal look.  Printed cushions in the living room to cuddle or self-designed aprons for perfect cooking and grilling complete the perfect home décor. As a gift, printed textiles are also very good. Hobby cooks and chefs are particularly pleased with the chef’s hat, while the sports enthusiast man has a baseball cap would jump in the air for joy. Especially in summer, be careful! In contrast, women would be happy in the cold season about an individual hot water bottle, which warms the constantly cold feet! Thanks to our high textile and print quality you also have long-lasting fun with your very own unique piece!


DTG Printingit is the technique that we use for customizing the various garments. It allows obtaining a high-definition photographic performance and soft-touch garments since the color penetrates completely into the fabric. It is an innovative and high-quality technique, particularly suitable for complex colored photos and motifs, with nuances or rich in details.

Sublimation:  it is a customization technique rather recently that allows you to also print white fabrics in 100% polyester. It is the ideal system for printing technology or sports clothing because it does not obstruct the pores of the fabric, leaving them free to breathe.

 Screen printing: is a technique we use most to customize t-shirts, that requires the work of specialists, who must retouch images to print transparencies and install the printing screens. The colors are created one by one while the shirts are inserted manually into the mechanical arms. It’s pretty much suitable for simple designs but a huge number of t-shirts.

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