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Advantage of Screen Printing

► Long-lasting pressure

► Cost-effective solution for high volumes

► Printable in one or more colors

We are Los Angeles screen printing shop with more than 9 years experiene. If you have a small run of either few tees screen print in Los Angeles or a larger run of 2000+ tees, we still can help you!

We involved in all aspects of the screen printing process here in Los Angeles and are more than happy to inform our customers about process details. Our team dedicated to printing and legitimately love their work. With 9 years’ experience, we take pride in every job and our target is to get what’s in your head out into the world.

If you’re starting a new brand, printing your business shirts in Los Angels, new uniforms for school, promotional tees for a special event, or a large corporation needing some competitive local production we can cater to your needs.

It is the classic finishing techniques. The screen apparel printing characterized by its high wash resistance and color brilliance and is ideal for larger quantities.

We print it directly onto the textile and the printing inks fixed by means of high temperatures. Per color of print, a film and a screen are necessary. In order to achieve a sufficient ink coverage on colored textiles, it is necessary to print a special underground white. The printing costs increase by one additional color each, a film and a screen. Depending on the subject, we make a choice between line printing (spot colors) or screen printing , which usually used to display color gradients.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing, also referred to as “serigraphy” in the past, is a printing process in which the printing ink is printed on the material to be printed with a wiper-like tool, the rubber squeegee, through a fine-meshed textile fabric (through-printing method) . At those locations of the fabric where no image color is to be printed according to the image motif, the mesh openings of the fabric have been rendered opaque by a stencil.

Screen printing makes it possible to print on many different materials, both flat (foils, plates, etc.) and molded (bottles, etc.) . Depending on the material, we use special printing inks. Mainly, we can screen print paper products, plastics, textiles, ceramics, metal and glass. The print format can be several meters in extreme cases. An advantage of silk screen printing is that the ink application can be varied by means of different fabric fineness. 

Compared to the other printing methods, however, the printing speed is relatively low. 


Since screen printing requires a lot of preparatory work, this printing technique is only profitable for larger quantities. If you want to print only small quantities, you should rather deal with the possibilities of digital printing. But screen printing has irresistible advantages.

So, we can use Screen printing to print a wide variety of materials. Plastics, metals, ceramics, glass or textiles can be created with screen printing in high quality. For example, as mentioned above we use screen printing to decorate CDs, glasses or deco doses. But even when it comes to the printing of sporting goods such as cycling helmets, skateboards or water skis, we use screen printing. We provide best screen printing service in Los Anegeles. The advantage opens at first glance. The prints are tough and have an exceptional longevity.

Nevertheless, one must know that screen garment printing also has certain disadvantages. In addition to the fact that it usually pays off only at high print runs, no color gradients are feasible in the screen print process, which naturally restricts the possibilities for certain tasks. Please pay attention to the choice of colors. Since a screen is needed for each color, you should think carefully about which colors you want to use. 

Printing inks

For screen t-shirt printing, there is a wide range of different colors. From cyan, magenta, yellow and black to any conceivable spot color to luminous colors, glitter colors, paints or those layers that are known, for example, from scratch-offs, you can use screen garment printing to apply all sorts of colors and coatings to a substrate. Since you can print a variety of materials with the screen print in Los Angeles, there are for the different substrates ever colors that are physically or chemically suitable for the specific purpose.

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Printing process in screen printing

We attach the screen to the printing material on a printing station. Sieve and substrate do not touch. If the substrate and the screen are perfectly matched and anchored, the screen is flooded with screen-printed ink. The paint is spread evenly on the wire with a squeegee, so that the stitches of the stencil can be evenly filled with paint. For printing, we pass the squeegee over the screen with high pressure in such a way that the fabric and the printing material touch each other for the moment of ink transfer. Here is the name as a through-printing clear and why the application of t-shirt screen print is so diverse. Because the ink is applied to the substrate, the substrate does not have to be absorbent to be printed. The silk screen t-shirt printing is a technically very complex procedure, but it is also fully automatic, follow the same steps in the core. Depending on its properties, the paint dries in air by evaporation of a solvent or by photochemical curing under UV light. As with offset printing, screen printing also requires a separate printing form for each color.

Printing process with the spilled story

Unlike most other printing processes, silk screen printing lacks details of the beginnings of this technique. This makes screen printing a kind of mystery. 

When the nylon thread was invented in the 1960s, silk played an increasingly insignificant role in screen printing. During this time, the t-shirt screen print also experienced its best phase. With the development of stencil fabrics, duck colors, stencil production and ever-faster printing presses, screen printing was flourishing. As a reliable and flexible technique, screen printing is indispensable even today. For example, labels on detergent bottles, scratch pads on lottery tickets, prints on traffic signs or signs on lighters, crates or mailboxes are inconceivable without screen printing.

The competition does not sleep

An essential advantage of screen printing is the versatility and the almost unlimited possibilities of use. Due to its extremely high ink film thickness, the print results are resistant to all weather conditions or strong sunlight. The screen printing shows an abrasion resistance that other printing processes simply can not offer to that extent. 

But even the competition does not sleep. Digital printing is an alternative that offers many options that are lacking in screen printing. For example, the use of advertising posters does not primarily focus on longevity. The billboards usually must convince only short periods with brilliant prints. Many customers are therefore choosing digital printing when it comes to printing billboards. The process is faster, more flexible and, above all, less expensive. And when it comes to the printing of short runs, the screen printing also does not cut optimally compared to digital printing.

The screen printing but has not been synonymous with advertising posters. When it comes to producing the best possible opacity or achieving daytime, nightgown or metallic effects, screen printing is still the best thing to choose. 

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